Artist Statement

As a painter, I am fascinated and involved in every stage of creating the finished work. I paint on fabric, not canvas, so that the bright colours, patterns and textures of the surface can dance through my painting in layers under heavy oil. I make my own oil paint for it's role in my history, but also to achieve the intense saturation of colour that I admire in work by artists such as Paul Gauguin and Henri Matisse.

Other artists I admire include Tom Hammick, Marlene Dumas, Jules De Balincourt, Chantal Joffe, Peter Doig, Edvard Munch and Adam Lee. I am also hugely inspired by the interiors of decorative churches, stained glass, trees and the way the sky changes through the seasons.

I refer to Symbology, both real and imaginary, to create movement and meaning within each work. My paintings respond to the language of Tarot and symbols within religion, but also to reading. The Book of Kells, Norse Mythology and horror stories are amongst those that inspire ideas, as well as an ongoing interpretation of the shapes that occur naturally in life.

I am traditionally drawn to painting people; up close, as well as isolated in a world of shape and colour. But have found so much freedom and enjoyment in creating stories and whispers within the trees of my landscapes. Whether portrait, landscape or still life, each of my paintings is about the noisy silence, the chaotic stillness and the lonely togetherness of the way I understand life. 


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