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Commissions vary with each collector, so feel free to get in touch to discuss what you're looking for.

I am most often commissioned to paint portraits, but I have also worked on landscape and still life paintings, so I am open to your hear what you have in mind.

As I paint on fabric - instead of canvas - this is something you can choose as part of the commision process. I can either work from a fabric of personal value, send you samples from my studio, or collaborate to find a design that suits the needs of the painting

Pricing is based on size and I can send over a few quotes as part of the commissioning conversation.

The deposit covers the initial costs of making the painting. The balance is paid only when you are completely happy with the finished work. Paintings can be sent worldwide, so the price of delivery will vary according to your location. 

Commissions usually take 6-8 weeks, though this depends on the size of the painting and my studio schedule. Shorter timescales can be arranged for particular events/ anniversaries/gifts, but this will all be agreed at the start of the commission.

I look forward to hearing from you and welcome any questions.

Nicola x

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