an "artist to watch"

- The Guardian, May 2017

"Memento looks even cooler in real life. We didn’t fully realize the fabric stretched over the frame makes for a cool border on the edges. We couldn’t be more pleased."

Collector - PJ

Painting - Memento, oil on Liberty fabric

"We all love it. It looks even better in real life than in the photos, the colours are gorgeous."

Collector - Clare

Painting - Journey To Dreamworld (Crossroads), oil on floral cotton

"It's a wonderful painting, already attracting many compliments from friends and family"

Collector - Catherine

Painting - Dolly, oil on canvas

"I am delighted with the painting that I purchased from NIcola. Her use of fabric rather than canvas or board makes her paintings unique and her use of colour is exceptional. All of her pictures tell a story, some humorous and others poignant, each one being created in her own identifiable style. I look forward to collecting more work from this talented artist and following her career as she goes from strength to strength."

Collector - Jane

Painting - Red Head, oil on African Fabric

" I impulsively loved Chatsworth Road! I felt like it was very dreamlike, so it's on my bedroom wall."

Collector - Ben

Painting - Chatsworth Road, oil on green floral fabric

"You paint brilliantly. Aloe Vera is possibly my favourite painting out of the six or seven I have bought. Both of your paintings have a profound effect in my small flat."

Collector - Oliver

Painting - Aloe Vera, oil on tapestry fabric

"I purchased White Cube, which proudly sits on our bookshelves amongst other treasures. It is much commented on. To me, it has so much meaning and depth to it."

Collector - Kym

Painting - White Cube, oil on canvas

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