At Home Residency

I’m lucky that there has been a fairly consistent demand for my work
over the past three years. At least enough of a demand to keep me a
healthy amount of busy. There are SO many things I would love to explore
in my practice, but I previously haven’t had enough time. One of those things is
designing my own fabric to paint on.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic social distancing, I’ve
decided to pretend I’m on a  pre-paid residency at home. I’m going to
work through the ideas laid out in my imaginary proposal, using the
materials provided as part of the residency (luckily I have access to my
full studio at home).

I played around with painting patterns in gouache on paper. I will work
into these next, instead of my usual fabric stretched over a wooden
frame. My usual process of painting is quite expensive materials-wise,
so I tend to avoid mistake terriotory. Hopefuly these paper works will
allow me to be more free. 

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