‘Crow Head’ in group exhibition

It is so glorious to look at a painting and realise it is finished. To know that you managed to invent something that you like and that all that frustration is over. 

But the best feeling of all is that moment when another human being decides that they want to be part of that something you invented. 

‘Crow Head’ is currently on display at House For An Art Lover’s latest exhibition ‘Identity Through Landscape’. 

The exhibition features artists whose work is either about the landscape, or is created in response to the landscape. My painting ‘Crow Head’ is about intuition, guidance and having a relationship with nature. The crow on the figure’s head is a reference to ‘spirit guides’ in Shamanism and the triangles represent all that pulls us in life. This is simply what it means to me at this moment in time. I hope other people are able to read into it using their own language. 

‘Crow Head’ hangs in a stunning building designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh, which sits within Bellahouston Park on the outskirts of Glasgow. 

The exhibition runs until 8th August. I hope you are able to pop by.

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