Paintings on FABRIC

Many people don’t quite realise the way fabric is integrated into my paintings. For many, it seems the layers and textures are achieved simply through paint. 

Each one of my paintings starts its life as a piece of fabric. The fabric is stretched tightly around a wooden frame and finished with a specialist clear primer that keeps the surface taught. I then start the painting process, ensuring I leave parts of the fabric visible through the layers of oil paint. This combination creates a beautifully dynamic surface texture, whilst also adding to the story of the painting.

Here’s a sneak peak of my latest paintings on WAXED COTTON!!! The paintings will be created as part of a big project in partnership with Halley
Stevensons, Dundee.

You can read more about the way I make my paintings here.

Layer 2

Layer 3

Layer 4

COLOUR Friday…

I kept seeing all the Black Friday promotions around me and decided to come up with my own response… which I’ve called ‘Colour Friday’. 

selected a few paintings as a ‘starter pack’ that give an
introduction to my work. For two weeks, you can browse these
paintings with a 20% discount, plus free UK postage! Buying art is an investment, so follow the link for info
about my the way I create my paintings… plus here’s what some of my collectors have said after purchasing my work:

“Complete fascination. We enjoy looking at the painting every day”
- Ben and Susie

“We are quite overwhelmed by the impact this work has made on us every day. Every time one looks, one sees something else”
- Margaret and Fred

“I impulsively loved it! I felt like it was very dreamlike, so it’s on my bedroom wall!”
- Ben

“The painting is much commented on. To me, it has so much meaning and depth”
- Kym

“Your paintings have made our house much brighter”
- Donald and Katherine

You can view the paintings at
. As always, I welcome any questions at all (including questions about international postage). It would also be great if you could share this with your friends and colleagues … you might know someone who is looking for some
colourful original art!

Nicola xx

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